Few things I would like to be able to accomplish:

- Learn to play guitar. I just recently acquired a pretty nice acoustic, should be kinda easy to start lessons.

- Lose weight. This is a given for any New Year hopes from anybody, but personally, it would help. Especially in the way of controlling my blood pressure.

- 3 level 80's. Hopefully, my attention to WoW will see this one through. Healer, Pure DPS, and Tankage is my goal. I've got the Hunter, now just have 2 more to go. Paladin in the works.

- Acquire PC repair certification. Started classes back in December, got a good ways to go for full certification.

- New people. I've joined a couple of local Anime & WoW groups, so this should spurn some new friendships and social interactions.

- World Domination! 'Nuff said. :D

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