From day to day everybody has struggles: struggles to survive, struggles to break bad habits & addictions, struggles to accel, and even struggles to actually enjoy life. All too often these struggles can tire us out and sometimes even defeat us to such a point that we want to just give up and give in. But, if there is one thing that can be said about the human spirit, it is that it has the ability to recover from any blow. It is indestructible.

    Personally, I believe that the human spirit is the strongest thing in the world. It's capable of so much strength and good. Why not let it fly?

    Just take into remembrance the joy that can be felt from even the smallest moments, the ones that stick with you through the end, even if the end result of that memory was tarnished by an unlikely event. The joy that was held before-hand is all that should matter.

    Somebody once said, "You can never be too joyous or smile too much". I try to hold onto this and it helps alot, especially in the hard times. The good thing about joy, is that it is abundant. It can be found within anything: moments, movies, songs, books, and even people.

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