So, I post this after reading it on a "dating site" that I frequent. Yes, a dating site, I said it. It's an awesome site for other WoW players to talk, share thoughts, etc., potentially even find a like-minded date. Anyway, here's the quote and few personal notes therafter:

"Hold up your badge of honor geekazoids! As it turns out, gamers excel in a lot of skills in other areas apart from gaming due to well, gaming itself.

Multi-tasking. Oh yeah, you are a master of this art more than Picasso ever was. I mean, all the guy did was paint. You, on the other hand, can take no prisoners in PvP, flirt on chatroulette, check your mail, download new tracks, grab a bite and let your tanning lotion dry all at the same time.

More brain power. Games give you the smarties! Who knew? Additional hours spent playing keeps your brain working overtime when your non-gaming buddies use their spare time to sleep or eat or relax. It’s fairly simple: the stronger your brain gets, the more intelligent you become.

Enhanced reflexes. Geeks got moves too! Countless days and nights of gives you better hand-eye coordination as the only way to play and advance to the next level is by getting the two―your hands and eyes―to work together.

Increased stamina. When watching long 3-hour movies at the theater, we usually have popcorn and drinks at hand. When reading a standard-sized pocketbook, we take longer because we usually take breaks, some of which involve eating a square meal or two. But what about games? We could go on for hours at a time…with very little sustenance. Achieving in-game goals with only Fritos and Redbull to get you by is certainly not for the weak.

Higher level of determination. Some days we feel like playing to relax or just have fun. Some days we just want to take out pent-up aggression and kick major ass and taking the bosses down is the quickest fix. It doesn’t matter if this takes days, weeks or months―gamers will get it done.

Noticeably absent in this list? Social skills. But that’s really no big deal, right? That’s what wingmen and wingwomen are for."

Personal Notes:
Being a gamer is all it's cracked up to be. Granted, the hidden truth is that most of the time the social aspect of the gamers' life can be hindered greatly but most don't care an ounce. I mean, why should we care? Anybody that can stand us is already hanging out with us anyway right? That's a joke by the way. Anybody in their right mind will always want to make new friends and expand their boundaries of social activity. That's why I attend local comic shops, conventions, tournaments, etc. whenever possible. Always stick to your conversational strengths when looking to make friends!

Getting the job done. - Just ask my boss or even my parents. I get the assignment done everytime on time! Okay, well maybe not on time everytime but it did/does eventually get done, and that's the point.

Increased Intelligence - It's no longer a modifier! That's an RPG joke. Over the years I have played and read many fantasy books that really envelop so many characters with deep characteristics and emotions. You can really learn alot from these characters, after all is it not a human being that pours soul and essence into these characters? I say, "Yes, yes they do"!
3/30/2010 21:52:21

Geeks ftw! Btw, Like your journal topics. Keep rockin' it.


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